Kirpinar Oil Wrestling Tournament — Erdine, Turkey



Turkish oil-wrestling dates back to ancient Persian, Greek and possibly Egyptian history. Now traditionalists are fighting back against a rule change made to shorten matches in this 650-year-old sport, which involves donning leather britches and olive oil. See more…

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Tomorrowland — Boom, Belgium


Incredible decorations and ten metre tulips tower over the world’s biggest DJ’s playing to the world’s best crowd. In the distance a ferris wheel turns slowly. Strange fauns lurk in the woods, Buddhas shake with bass, candy canes curve over bars, and superheros stand by swimming pools. Read more…

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Cascamorras — Baza, Spain


Cascamorras — Baza, Spain

This festival, held during the first week of September in Baza, in the north of Granada, is one of the more bizarre festivals celebrated in Spain each year. Its history lies in the discovery of a statue over 500 years ago. Legend has it that after the Reconquest of Granada, whilst a labourer from Guadix was demolishing the Merced Convent in Baza, a statue of the Virgin was discovered in the rubble. Due to the location of the find the statue was swiftly adopted by the people of Baza, much to the annoyance of the residents of Guadix, who felt that it should be moved there since it was discovered by one of their own people.
It was agreed that if an Accitano, as the residents of Guadix were known, was able to enter Baza and reach the Merced without staining his clothes, he could recover the Virgin for Guadix. Despite the passage of time the tradition is still very much alive. Read more..

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Love Parade



The Love Parade (German: Loveparade) was a popular electronic dance music festival and parade that originated in 1989 in West Berlin, Germany. It was held annually in Germany 1989-2003 in Berlin, then again in 2006 in Berlin and from 2007 to 2010 in the Ruhr region. The 2004 and 2005 events scheduled in Berlin and the 2009 event scheduled in Bochum  were cancelled. On 24 July 2010, a crowd rush at the Love Parade caused the death of 21 people, with at least 500 others injured. As a consequence of this, the organizer of the festival announced that no further Love Parades would be held and that the festival was permanently cancelled.


Grape Throwing Festival, Mallorca, Spain


The Grape Throwing Festival is held annually during the last weekend in September, in the wine-growing village of Binissalem, Mallorca. The festival celebrates the grape harvest and the main attractions include a grape-stomping competition, grape-throwing fight, and lots of fun! Although the history of this event is somewhat lost through the ages, it seems to have its roots in ensuring a good harvest season by removing the “not so good” grapes before the winter. The event started as a harvest celebration when people had no idea what to do with the grapes that were not good enough to make wine from. Grape Throwing Festival is for sure a messy celebration, but can also be a lot of fun. Read more…


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